PROTEIN PLUSBeen hitting the gym, pounding the pavement, chasing cane toads up hill? Then a boost of protein will help build and repair muscles. Protein is good for toning, repairing and restoring muscles - and if you want to be more fab than flab get a shot of this super powder in your drink. Contains a healthy mix of raw vegan proteins, superfood powders & fortifying herbs. (hemp protein, brown rice protein, maca, pea protein, goji, wheatgrass, chorella and wild asco seaweed)

ENERGISER PLUSDoes the Energiser bunny appeal to your inner self? Refresh, refocus & and wreak havoc with our mix for strength and endurance. Contains a health mix of superfood powders & fortifying herbs, ideal as part of a fitness program. (chlorella, maca, hemp protein, wheatgrass, wild asco seaweed, korean ginseng, goji and artichoke)

IMMUNITYThey say beauty is only skin deep, well, so is health. Get your insides in tip top condition. Protect & perfect your immune system with this booster bursting with antioxidants. Containing a superfood & herbal formula makes this a great addition to everyday health & an ideal immunity boost. (acai, blueberry, cranberry, camu camu, korean ginseng, goji, purple corn and reishi)

DETOXKnown for its soothing & cleansing benefits on the digestive system this gentle combination will alkalise & support cellular health. (chlorella, barleygrass, sprouted flaxseeds, inulin, aloe vera, artichoke, grapeseed and purple corn)

FIBREFeeling blocked and stagnant? Use this booster to help get you moving! (apple pectin, pea protein, hemp flour, purple corn flour, sprouted flax, locust bean powder, oat bran, seagreens, psyllium husk, chia seeds, inulin, mesquite)

WHEATGRASSNeed to replenish your vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes? Go Green! (wheatgrasss powder)

notes ...Please note that the full booster range is not available at all Boost Juice Bars.